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  • Sub-urban
    10Oct '18
    Robust materials and expressive detailing create a joyous sensory experience on a human scale.
  • Designed for climate
    08Oct '18
    Designed for climate
    Appropriate sustainable design in tune with the local climate.
  • What defines luxury
    24Sep '18
    What defines luxury
    Luxury is many-layered. First come the life comforts – simple warmth and shelter – but aesthetics can...
  • Is luxury really someplace else?
    14Aug '18
    Is luxury really someplace else?
    Aaron Paterson and Sarosh Mulla, of Paterson Collective Architecture, reflect on a new form of luxury that says...
  • Social Focus
    14Aug '18
    Social Focus
    The kitchen has long been the central social space in a house, and one that gets the hardest knocks. Extra care...
  • Private spaces
    14Aug '18
    Private spaces
    If kitchens are the central social space, then bathrooms are their antithesis – the most private and singular...
  • Prime colour
    14Aug '18
    Prime colour
    New Zealand bush and a panoramic rural view backdrop this striking house by Patterson Associates, setting the stage...
  • Urban bliss
    14Aug '18
    Urban bliss
    Gardens in the sky and dynamic spaces make this urban house in Ho Chi Minh City an exciting, richly layered family...
  • Tailored to fit
    01May '18
    Tailored to fit
    One of the great successes of the scheme lies in its use of courtyards to marry the house to its site and create...
  • Being neighbourly
    30Apr '18
    Being neighbourly
    Architect Dominic Glamuzina discusses the suburban condition and our changing attitudes to boundaries,  openness...


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