Garden House

Indoor/outdoor flow is a term favoured by real estate agents but this house elevates this beyond what many of us could imagine. KWK PROMES, a Polish architectural firm, have created a wonderful 411 sqm house that not only opens up the house to the garden but incorporates the garden in to the house (and vice versa).

They have a manifesto, too. Local materials and traditions from the surrounding Silesian worker settlements.

The form of the house is that of a T, with the wall facing the street a solid, monolithic block that provides privacy to the home beyond. The first floor lies at 90 degrees with an enormous overhang that contains the living room with massive mirror-glass doors the when closed reflect the surrounding foliage, and when open bring the foliage inside!

Somewhat hidden is a separate fully enclosed, double-height TV room that provides a retreat from the main living space.

The architects prepared a description of the design process.

Architects: KWK Promes
Photography: Jakub Certowicz , Olo Studio