LC Shutters, Louis Poulsen

LC Shutters designed by Louise Campbell

The key feature of any lamp – the naked light bulb – may be effective, but it is also merciless. Its hard light blinds the eye and does nothing good for the atmosphere in a room.

The job of a good lamp is to transform the light from the bulb before this light meets its surroundings. To disperse the rays with purposeful direction, leading them to exactly where we need them and to waste as few rays as possible in the process. To create light which is as comfortable as it is useful, for both eyes and souls.

LC Shutters designed by Louise Campbell

LC Shutters has been designed with the purpose of transforming hard to soft.

The hard light of a single powerful bulb is altered through this perforated shade, resulting in a completely different, gentle ambience. Close to the intimacy of candlelight, yet far more effective.

An initially flat sheet of dense aluminium is machined until a soft rolling landscape is achieved. By slicing and punching the form throughout, the shade is given two interacting layers, in between which the light can tease its way through, giving the shade a life of its own, where shadows play, but nothing is left in darkness.

LC Shutters is an accommodating lamp. It is rounded and easy on the eye. The lamp blends very naturally into its surroundings, regardless of the lifestyle or interior design.

LC Shutters designed by Louise Campbell

Type: Pendant light | Name: LC Shutters | Designer: Louise Campbell | Manufacturer: Louis Poulsen | Supplier: Design Denmark, Auckland