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Product Description

Woodstack Chair

Type: Chair
Name: Woodstack Chair
Designer: Tomek Archer
Manufacturer: NOMI

Email: info at nomi.com.au
Phone: +61 2  9091 8010


Furniture brand NOMI, in collaboration with designers Tomek Archer and Henry Wilson, has devised a series of handmade essential furniture types featuring clean lines and simple proportions. By combining these principles with efficient manufacturing, NOMI delivers affordable and accessible designer furniture that can be customised online.

Made from solid oak, the Woodstack Chair, designed by Archer, is a classic piece from the collection. Finely engineered connections allow the chair to be shipped flat-packed and assembled without tools using a NOMI thumbscrew – tightened with just a coin. The chair is designed to be ergonomic, stackable and clean-lined so that it can work aesthetically in many different interiors.


Height. 762 mm. Width. 407 mm. Depth. 427 mm. | Materials: Solid American Oak.

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