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  • A fine piece of furniture

    Selecting designer furniture for a home can be daunting with such a wide choice of contemporary designs at all price points. We have found three items that are affordable, lightweight and easy to ship. They all feature simple lines and a soft aesthetic.   Monarch Table,  Goldsworthy Studio The Monarch series is a family of […]
  • Small apartment ideas

    Sydney architect Brad Swartz explains how he turned 27 square metres in a Darlinghurst block into a functional and beautiful one-bedroom apartment for him and his partner. Being close to the city won over size for this young professional couple. Photos Katherine Lu. When we bought it, this was a rundown apartment consisting of a […]
  • Issue 09 out now – Colour in Architecture

      Architects generally add colour through materiality: mostly natural colours derived from timber, stone, and metal. For this issue of The Design Guide, we were interested in projects that use bold colour in architectural ways. Houses and apartments with colour baked into materials, such as brick, steel, plaster or tiles. Interiors where colour drives the […]
  • A concrete block townhouse graces the city edge

    This concrete block townhouse shows how one couple successfully made the move from the suburbs to the city in one of New Zealand’s fastest-growing centres. They, and the architect Adam Mercer, offer their views on this social yet private building. Text Andrea Stevens, Photography Simon Devitt. Defying the New Zealand dream of retreating to the coast […]
  • B+B House by Studio MK27 and Galeria Arquitetos

    The B+B House has a sense of the monumental, a feature of Brazilian modernism with its open, poetic and optimistic character. Clean, cubist forms are influenced by local construction technology, but also by the climate and way of life. Raw concrete allows abstract modelled forms, while its passive cooling potential moderates the climate. Photos Fernando Guerra […]
  • Issue 05 – Creating Economy by Design

    Our latest issue is out now – Creating Economy by Design – where we investigate cost strategies in residential architecture, looking at how careful design can lead to innovations – building more with less, creating smaller but more interesting spaces, making houses simple but smart – and how industrial materials might be used to create homes that are robust, […]
  • Monarch table by Goldsworthy

    Monarch is a collection of tables and stools based around three leg profiles designed to offer flexibility in size, material and finish. The collection is intended to free the user from material and size restrictions, and to extend a dynamic aesthetic across a wide family of furniture pieces. The versatility of the design means that […]
  • Integrating architecture and interior design by Bossley Architects

    Architect Andrea Bell and interior designer Karen Ngan Kee discuss how architecture and interior design can work to create a seamless whole. When approaching a project, we don’t bring a ‘house style’. As an architect-interior designer team, each project is entirely unique. We absorb our client’s values, needs and wants. We examine the site and […]
  • Space and light in house design by Marc Lithgow

    Understanding the relationship between space and light is fundamental to designing spaces that are to be lived in. Architect Marc Lithgow shares some important insights from a recent project. With this project, we wanted to arrange space, light and materials so as to transform a project constrained by its location on-site into an open and […]
  • Interior finishes by Yvette Jay

    How you finish your home is often what connects the architecture with your personality. Yvette Jay explains how. The role of an interior designer is to be responsible for the colours, finishes, textures and interior forms needed to complete the physical and emotional experience of architecture. Good design appears effortlessly elegant. It innovates yet also […]
  • The kitchen – with Mark Graham from Composit Kitchens

    Mark S. Graham describes how to open up the busiest room in the house with flexible thinking. Today’s busy lifestyles mean the kitchen has evolved into the hub of a home. It’s become the meeting place where family and household members come together to share news and make plans. No other room in your home […]
  • The bathroom – form and function

    Interior designer Yvette Jay discusses the most intimate and personal space in a house. Bathrooms have outgrown their purely functional role. They are now a space for retreat where we connect with one of life’s most vital and essential elements — water. The role of bathroom design is to enhance this connection by creating a […]
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