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  • Small apartment ideas

    Sydney architect Brad Swartz explains how he turned 27 square metres in a Darlinghurst block into a functional and beautiful one-bedroom apartment for him and his partner. Being close to the city won over size for this young professional couple. Photos Katherine Lu. When we bought it, this was a rundown apartment consisting of a […]
  • Plywood house Waiheke

    First appearances are deceiving for this Waiheke Island family home by Bull O’Sullivan Architecture, where sumptuous materials form a warm counterpoint to the utilitarian exterior. Text Michael O’Sullivan and Brad Bonnington. Photography Simon Devitt. From the street, this house looks like a utilitarian building, with its long, inclined and cranked corrugated façade and single window. […]
  • Integrating architecture and interior design by Bossley Architects

    Architect Andrea Bell and interior designer Karen Ngan Kee discuss how architecture and interior design can work to create a seamless whole. When approaching a project, we don’t bring a ‘house style’. As an architect-interior designer team, each project is entirely unique. We absorb our client’s values, needs and wants. We examine the site and […]
  • Interior finishes by Yvette Jay

    How you finish your home is often what connects the architecture with your personality. Yvette Jay explains how. The role of an interior designer is to be responsible for the colours, finishes, textures and interior forms needed to complete the physical and emotional experience of architecture. Good design appears effortlessly elegant. It innovates yet also […]
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