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  • A fine piece of furniture

    Selecting designer furniture for a home can be daunting with such a wide choice of contemporary designs at all price points. We have found three items that are affordable, lightweight and easy to ship. They all feature simple lines and a soft aesthetic.   Monarch Table,  Goldsworthy Studio The Monarch series is a family of […]
  • Profile: Douglas and Bec

    Douglas and Bec is a furniture and lighting design studio, founded in 2006 as a collaboration between designer Bec Dowie and her father, furniture maker Douglas Snelling. With a philosophy to create innovative and unique pieces using the richest materials, meticulously refined and crafted to last a lifetime, Douglas and Bec has grown into an […]
  • Line Floor Lamp by Douglas and Bec

    The Line Floor Lamp pays homage to sculptor Alexander Calder – designer Bec Dowie’s combines his habitual playfulness with her simple yet formal combination of elegant natural materials. As with many Douglas and Bec products, the Line Floor Lamp looks deceptively simple when fact there are 10 contributors in the making of this piece. The […]
  • LC Shutters, Louis Poulsen

    The key feature of any lamp – the naked light bulb – may be effective, but it is also merciless. Its hard light blinds the eye and does nothing good for the atmosphere in a room. The job of a good lamp is to transform the light from the bulb before this light meets its […]
  • Integrating architecture and interior design by Bossley Architects

    Architect Andrea Bell and interior designer Karen Ngan Kee discuss how architecture and interior design can work to create a seamless whole. When approaching a project, we don’t bring a ‘house style’. As an architect-interior designer team, each project is entirely unique. We absorb our client’s values, needs and wants. We examine the site and […]
  • Space and light in house design by Marc Lithgow

    Understanding the relationship between space and light is fundamental to designing spaces that are to be lived in. Architect Marc Lithgow shares some important insights from a recent project. With this project, we wanted to arrange space, light and materials so as to transform a project constrained by its location on-site into an open and […]
  • Lighting design with Mike Thorburn

    New Zealand lighting luminary Mike Thorburn talks mood and shade. Lighting is more than illumination. It’s an essential component in creating an ambient mood and in ensuring a room can be enjoyed in the desired manner. Gone are the days of simplistic lighting when all that was required was a single light fitting in the […]
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