Line Floor Lamp by Douglas and Bec

Line Floor lamp by Douglas and Bec

The Line Floor Lamp pays homage to sculptor Alexander Calder – designer Bec Dowie’s combines his habitual playfulness with her simple yet formal combination of elegant natural materials.

Blush Line Floor lamp by Douglas and Bec

As with many Douglas and Bec products, the Line Floor Lamp looks deceptively simple when fact there are 10 contributors in the making of this piece. The glass is mouth blown to form a Ø230mm globe. There are 3D printed parts inserted into the opening of the glass. The base is hand turned by Douglas Snelling then coated with a custom paint for the best quality finish. The brass cup that holds the glass is hand spun on a tool that was especially made for the company. Then the lamps are wired and certified, individually inspected and tested, before being packed and sent to our clients.

Black Line Floor lamp by Douglas and Bec

Speaking about one of her favourite designs, Bec said, “I love the light it emits in dark spaces, which is different depending on the colour of the glass globe. I love its playfulness. And of course I am very proud that it is a piece that has achieved success globally.”

Images courtesy of Douglas and Bec.

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