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  • Building sustainably might one day be compulsory

    Joseph Hampton of Warren and Mahoney discusses sustainability in house construction, and how to reduce impact on the environment both during the build and for a lifetime. Residential architecture has delivered many sublime moments of spatial mastery to humankind, yet it can also be responsible for altering the natural landscape and sprawling into the green fields […]
  • B+B House by Studio MK27 and Galeria Arquitetos

    The B+B House has a sense of the monumental, a feature of Brazilian modernism with its open, poetic and optimistic character. Clean, cubist forms are influenced by local construction technology, but also by the climate and way of life. Raw concrete allows abstract modelled forms, while its passive cooling potential moderates the climate. Photos Fernando Guerra […]
  • Designing houses for the cold by Kerr Ritchie

    Architectural practice kerr ritchie  explain their approach to integrating comfort and seasonal warmth into two South Island houses. Living and designing in the south of New Zealand brings rewards and challenges. Perhaps the most significant factor is that we have very distinct seasons. Summers can be very hot whilst winters can feel prolonged and drawn […]
  • The Commons apartment building by Breathe Architecture

    This innovative apartment block by Melbourne-based Breathe Architecture caters to a new type of urban community, and shows how a building can support social, fiscal and environmental dimensions. Our strategy for The Commons apartment building in Brunswick was to build more with less: to provide space and height, light and air. To give people what […]
  • The elements of Passive Design by Darren Jessop

    Architect Darren Jessop worked closely with the owners of this Auckland home to create the first certified Passive House in Australasia, meeting an exacting set of international standards. Our design for this four-bedroom home in east Auckland began typically enough. We had worked through three sketch design options with the client and had settled on […]
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